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In a world where stress, pressure, depression and anxiety are at an all time high, I am dedicated to helping people grow personally and lead successful lives with a healthy mindset and a clear and loving sense of self.


Whether you are an artist looking to manage your mindset, a busy working mom who has lost herself, a veteran struggling to readjust to life after service, or a leader who truly wants to lead authentically, our programs are designed for you.


The people I work with understand that the deeper connection they have to their inner-world, the greater success they have in life.


They want a system they can follow to expand their awareness, their connection and become more awaken to the true power that lies within them.

Which is why I use the Quality Mind™ program, a proven methodology that enables individuals to create faster and deeper transformation. 

Designed for people wanting to achieve greater success by connecting with their inner-world, Quality Mind teaches you the tools to better respond to pressure and improve health, wealth and relationships.


By removing any barrier, shifting unresourceful habits and designing the life of your dreams, you not only achieve your goals but you also feel true happiness and perfectly aligned on a daily basis.

Whether you are looking to improve specific areas of your life, further your spiritual journey, or have a strong desire to help others, we can assist.


"Nathalie has the unique ability to tap into the true you and bring you back to yourself. I can honestly say that DEEP HAPPINESS is what I now feel on a daily basis. I do not carry everyone around me and it is a great feeling of freedom"
Allison High | Business Owner & Mother
  • Master Business Management & Marketing

  • Master Practitioner of Coaching

  • Practitioner of NLP

  • Level II Practitioner & Profiler MD

Nathalie Gevinti

When I let go of a baggage I carried for 20 years, the breakthrough wasn't so much the letting go as it was the realisation that I didn't want to let it go.

I realised how the story, not the event itself, but the story I had created around the event had shaped my whole life.

I understood how my identity was intertwined with that story. I was it and it was me and the scary part was I didn't know who I was without it.

That story brought me comfort, it gave me a frame where I knew the rules and I have so much gratitude for what I have achieved thanks to that story. Where I live now and my family, all of this I owe it to her. 

The thing is, like every frame, the story also gave me limits, and to realise my dreams, I needed to become bigger than my story. I needed to break out of it, to become storyless so I could write a new one.

I have helped many people regain control, remove self-doubt and anxiety, relieving them of emotional burdens and leading them to achieve their most fulfilled life. Having worked with hundreds of individuals, my view is radically different. I believe that we are responsible for our experience of life.​

Powerful Mindset Coaching, or Mind Opening as I prefer to call it, is not complicated or voodoo, actually it is simple and you’ve probably heard many of the concepts before.


The difference with our programs, is that you learn the tools to apply those concepts and to do so consistently, forever.

Quality Mind is not just a program, it is a way of life.

Today, I live a story that enables me to witness the transformation in my clients’ lives as they fall in love with themselves unconditionally, learn to trust themselves, forgive themselves and reconnect with their soul, their purpose and their dreams.