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Your power is real, your potential is tangible and your opportunities limitless. If you are feeling stuck or struggling in any part of your life, this is not a reflection of your ability to succeed in that area. 


In truth, the gaps you are experiencing are not caused by who you are as a person, but rather by your lack of focus, or should I say by not focusing on what you need to.


That's right, lack of success simply means that we are looking for answers or solutions in the wrong places.


In fact, we constantly have access to all the answers that we need to move forward through the 400 billion bits of information that come our way every day. The reason we don’t get, see or hear the ones we need is because our minds filter that information based on our core beliefs and daily thoughts. 


Indeed, by the time we're 35, about 95 % of who we are is a series of subconscious programs that have become automatic.

Which is why for over half a decade now, I have assisted people reach their goals in 2 ways:
-    By helping them shift their beliefs
-    By showing them how to shift their thoughts

It sounds simple and it is, yet very few people do it. It requires a heightened level of self-awareness, but through our proven system, step by step instructions and personal guidance to support your awakening to the true power that lies within you, you can create an amazing life for yourself. 

By removing any barrier, shifting unresourceful habits and designing the life of your dreams, you not only achieve your goals but you also feel true happiness and perfectly aligned on a daily basis.


"Nathalie has the unique ability to tap into the true you and bring you back to yourself. I can honestly say that DEEP HAPPINESS is what I now feel on a daily basis. I do not carry everyone around me and it is a great feeling of freedom"
Allison High | Business Owner & Mother
  • Master Practitioner of Coaching

  • Practitioner of NLP

  • Level II Practitioner & Profiler MD

Nathalie Gevinti

I have been a wife, mother, daughter, friend, teacher, student, guide and follower.


I have loved fiercely, and rebelled loudly. I have been an anchor, a lighthouse and an icebreaker. I have been a mess, barely holding it together without anyone ever knowing. I have been shy and scared and I have bawled my eyes out for a boy, for a life, for a child. I have been bold and daring and I have laughed at life, at the world and at myself.


I grew up in France with a strong Italian heritage, spending summers at my grand-parents with memories of scopa, home-made pasta, fishing trips, snails and ice-skating.


I naturally connect with people, deeply and whole-heartedly. I am a dancer, a singer, an artist and a creator. I love curling up with a book and a cup of French Earl Grey, drawing, and day dreaming. I love going for walks just after it's been raining, the smell of the earth and the autumn sun. I also love sitting on the beach on a summer afternoon and watching the sunlight play with the waves.


I’ve been an NLP practitioner, coach and mentor for over half a decade, specialising in the neurological connections that create success and working with people of all ages, background and career.


I thrive on seeing people live their dreams, and most of all I love working with women and seeing them reconnect with their soul-self, as they dive deep within. I love that moment when they become fully aware of their power, swaying between fear and awe before finally stepping into their greatness.


I want you to nail the most important performance of your life in the greatest role you’ll ever play: You.



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