Mindfulness Mastermind

For courageous leaders.

Are you a leader who understands the importance of mindfulness, both personally and professionally? Do you have the desire and courage to bring more authenticity, love and compassion to your life and your leadership? Then this is for you. 

This mastermind is designed to help you develop a new or existing mindfulness practice to discover more about yourself. This will enable you to deliver authentic leadership, and manage your emotions, especially when in highly stressful situations.


As you become both observer and participant of your life, aware and in control of your mind, you experience more motivated teams, stronger relationships and total inner peace.

3 Main Hurdles Women in Leadership Face with Mindfulness

Watch this 4 minutes video to hear about the 3 main hurdles that women in leadership face when embarking on their leadership journey, and what to do about it.

How Will Mindfulness Impact Your Leadership?

Studies have shown that mindful leaders have engaged teams that perform better. Leaders' level of empathy, compassion and ability to manage their own stress have more impact on employees performances that the employees level of stress itself.

Better Decision Making

Mindfulness gives the tools to manage unpleasant emotions, that would otherwise impact our ability to make good decisions.

Reduce Emotional Reactions

Inspirational leaders make rational decisions. However, experiencing high amounts of pressure can lead to emotional behaviours.

More Creativity & Innovation

Mindfulness enables you to access your creative brain, be less fearful of failure which then cascades onto your team members.

More Resilience

The ability to recover quickly from setbacks, and manage pressure consistently, is a key factor to engaging and confident leadership.

Improved Focus

Mindfulness gives you the aptitude to bring more leadership presence, by cultivating focus and shutting down surrounding distractions.

Reduce Stress & Anxiety

The regular practice  of mindfulness reduces the effects of stress on people's mental, emotional and physical health.

What do We Mean by Mindfulness?


Mindfulness is being aware moment-by-moment of our thoughts and our feelings through judgement-free self-observation.

While meditation is one of the better known practices of mindfulness, we use a variety of other activities that allow you to measure and manage your thoughts, emotions and reactions.


Mindfulness is described as the knowledge of self, this program goes one step further by giving you the tools to act on that knowledge. 

What we call mindfulness is the understanding that the way we experience life is a reflection of how we experience ourselves.​ And that mindfulness is a regular self-exploration practice fully integrated in our life style and a frame of mind.


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Leisa Smith

HR Manager

I'm amazed at how my life has changed. My confidence has soared and I'm living a full life filled with possibilities and opportunities. My relationships, life in general and outlook have improved. I'm living in gratitude. My vision and dreams are coming to fruition.

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Ivana Moretti

 Group Communication Manager

I never thought I’d be able to maintain this level of balance and contentment in my life and I feel I have finally started to put all the knowledge and training I have taken over the years into practice, thanks to the discipline I have picked up in the program.


Alex Wennerholm

Leadership Consultant

The Quality Mind journey has really helped me reduce stress during challenging situations and kept me focused on my goals. Every time I felt stressed, anxious or worried, I turned to the app and it helped me to change my state of mind.

The Mindfulness Mastermind is a Powerful 3 Months Small Group Coaching Program.

Mindfulness lessons.
Weekly 45 mins live sessions to learn new tools, deepen your understanding and advance your mindfulness practice.
Coaching calls.
During our sessions, you also get one-on-one support by a trained Mind Mentor™ to fast track your results.
Mobile Application.
Designed to keep you on the road to success, hold you accountable and help you change your mindset habits.
Action Buddy.
In this program, you will be partnered with another participant to stay on track, accountable and supported.
An International Community
You are not just part of a program, but a member of an international community of like-minded people.
A Proven System
100s of participants worldwide have already experienced the incredible transformation from the program.
150+ Meditations.
Access different frequencies, duration and binaural beats, to de-stress, focus, sleep better, let go or energise.
24/7 Support.
Whether through the community, your own group, your Mind Mentor™ or the self-coaching questions in the app.

Results You Can Expect

The consistent results participants are experiencing mean that you can be confident about the level of success you will achieve.

Optimize energy and motivation.

Reduce anxiety and Respond efficiently to pressure.

Boost productivity.

Build more satisfying relationships.

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This program has given me a new life meaning and purpose. The process is designed to produce sustainable transformation and based on an understanding of how hard change is and what is needed to be successful. Your Mind Mentor™ is your guide and unconditional support, and the app, your toolbox to self-discovery and constant mind-training. Today I'm in full peace with my past, I'm grateful for my present and excited about my future.

Almudena Fernandez | EVP International Client Services

Identify and remove unresourceful habits.

Eliminate self-doubt and create confidence.

Gain clarity on the big picture.

Increase focus to execute day to day tasks.

Be Part of the Next Mindfulness Mastermind Crew.

Spots are limited!
To deliver the most value and individual support within a group environment, the Mastermind is limited to 12 people. 

2 Dates Options

2 Investment Options

AU$595 x 3

3 Monthly Payments

  • 13x Mindfulness lessons.
  • Mobile Application.
  • An International Community
  • 150+ Meditations.
  • Coaching calls.
  • Action Buddy.
  • A Proven System.

If this calls to you and if you know you're ready to go inwards and 100% committed to creating a deep transformation, then take action now.


1off payment. Save AU$535

  • 13x Mindfulness lessons.
  • Mobile Application.
  • An International Community
  • 150+ Meditations.
  • Coaching calls.
  • Action Buddy.
  • A Proven System.

If this calls to you and if you know you're ready to go inwards and 100% committed to creating a deep transformation, then take action now.

Tuesdays 12 - 1 pm

Thursdays 8-9 pm

100% Happiness Guarantee


If you have not experienced any level of improvement during your 3 month program, we will refund your investment. Simply email us within 48 hours from completion of the program, providing you have: 

  • Completed the full 3 month program

  • Attended a minimum of 10 out of the 13 live sessions

  • Participated fully in all activities

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the program work?
We meet weekly for 26 sessions (6 months) via Zoom. Participants must be visible. It is to be treated like a normal meeting.
During each session, I will take you through a new lesson on mindfulness and you will be invited to share your wins and challenges to be cheered and coached to help you fast-track your results.
We also use WhatsApp and Facebook to communicate and support each other.
What kind of time commitment is involved?
The sessions run for 45 mins. Other than that, the tools that you learn are to be integrated within your everyday life
What if I can't make one of the live sessions?
While you need to allocate time in your calendar for all sessions and treat these as a priority, sometimes things happen.
All the calls are recorded and available and you will be asked to watch the session you missed within 48h.
Will this program eliminate all my problems? 
This program will teach you proven techniques that you can use to change the way you perceive and experience your outer world.
So while it won't reduce traffic jams, it will teach you to have a positive mindset while stuck in your car. And while it won't stop people's unresourceful behaviours, it will give you the tools to see the situation with more love and compassion.
This program will totally change your life.
I really want to do this but I can't make these dates?
If you're already doing something beautiful for yourself at that time, by all mean carry on. Don't compromise your happiness. We have crews starting all the time, just drop me a line and we'll find a time that works for you.
What I often find though is that women fill in their every waking hours with tasks dedicated to serving others. They often feel guilty or selfish for even thinking of doing something for themselves. 
And chances are, this is why you are where you are at right now and looking for solutions.
You need to make room for you in your life. Put the kids in before or after school care, tell a significant other that they are on child duty or dare to ask help from a friend, take a good look at your calendar to switch things around.
And if you want help finding a solution, book a time with me and let's talk about your options. 
How is this different from other programs?

While there are amazing programs out there with amazing teachers that can unlock new levels of success, this program has gone 1 step further by enabling you to bring all your knowledge together and apply it.

There are very few programs that gives you a step by step system to change how you think and provide the tools to help you succeed.

The program has been designed in a way that it can create a deep level of transformation.

We keep you accountable, inspired and supported. 

What if I don't like the program?
This program is designed to enhance your Mindfulness practice in order to bring more peace into your life. This will be reflected in your personal and professional experience. The program requires a great amount of accountability and participation. You need to take this factor into account before joining.
If at the end of the 6 months, you feel that the program hasn't benefited you in any way, and if you have participated in all activities, then you can request to get all of your money back.
What level of mindfulness do I need to currently have?
Whether you are a beginner or already actively practicing mindfulness, you will get immense value from this program. What matters most is your discipline and that your aim be to discover more about yourself and step into a more aware and confident you so you can lead with more authenticity.
The concepts are very simple to grasp, the tools are easy to use and there are many levels of meditation. 
I really want to do this but I can't afford it?
"I can't afford it" is rarely about money. It usually is a fear "what if I invest this money but don't get the results the program promises?" or a lack of self-worth "Am I worth investing in? Do I deserve these results? It feels a bit indulgent".
In the first instance, we have a money back guarantee so jump in and focus on your beautiful results that I know you will get.
In the second instance, take some time to reflect on these questions and also how thinking this way could be part of the reason why you are looking into this kind of programs right now.
And if you want help finding a solution, book a time with me and let's talk about your options. I won't try to convince you but I will help you find an answer you are comfortable with.