Quality Mind – Performers
What you struggle with in life,
you struggle with in your performance.

Stellar Minds help performers improve their emotional availability and resilience as a creative, by helping them break through their habits and patterns and create a healthier mindset.

To create powerful work as an artist, you must be able to be both vulnerable and authentic. It is imperative to know yourself (the self behind the stories) on a deep level to achieve this.

As you learn to separate yourself from events you become able to draw from them without reliving them. The disassociation enables you to look at it from many angles, providing more depth and layers to your interpretation and creativity.

“A memory without the emotional charge is called wisdom.”- Joe Dispenza -

Become bigger than your story!

This means greater success in responding to pressure, removing fears or limiting beliefs and unlocking creativity.

And it's even more than that, in an industry as stressful as performing arts, you need to make sure you look after yourself, your mental health. Our programs give you the tools to manage your inner world, regardless of what goes on in the outer world. 

With our tailored Performance Plans, whether you are looking to better manage:

  • Stress and  pressure;

  • Anxiety of where your next gig is going to come from;

  • Performance anxiety;

  • Self-doubt;

  • Fear of rejection; 

Our program is ideal if you are a performing artist looking for a solution to keep a cool head at all times, before, during and after auditions and to deal with pressure, feelings and emotions associated with high level of performance, or if you are looking to increase your awareness and connection to self.

You quickly discover how to:

  • Improve your emotional availability 

  • Connect to your higher self

  • Increase your resilience as a creative

  • Practise creating a healthier mindset

  • Control your negative thoughts

  • Stay Motivated

  • Identify and let go of what doesn’t serve you anymore

  • Disassociate from past events so you can draw from them without the emotions

  • Learn how to harness the creative energy of your thoughts


So you can increase your performance consistency & improve your overall wellbeing.

Ursula Paez | Singer & Musical Director
Who is Quality Mind - Performers for?

Quality Mind is for performers looking to up their games and get to the next stage or who feel they have hit a plateau, who are struggling with self-doubt and looking to reduce the effect of pressure and rejection.

It is also for artists in touch with their higher minds looking to increase that connection.

  • Performers (actors, singers, dancers...)

  • Wanting to reach the next phase in their career

  • Aspiring performing artists wanting to lead a successful career

  • Wanting to grow personally as an individual and an performer

  • Open to new concepts and ideas

  • Committed to lean in the program, not just observe

Siobhan Connors | Actress, Model, T.V. Presenter
What's Included?
  • Group or 1 to 1 coaching for 3 months, 6 months or 12 months

  • Live educational and coaching sessions

  • Quality Mind App (Access all the tools to help you on the go)

  • Ongoing support from your Mind Mentor™ (That's me 😎)

  • Access to the private Quality Mind community via the facebook page

  • Support from your own group via private WhatsApp group

  • Weekly and bi-weekly sessions

  • Accountability