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"Whatever we plant in our subconscious mind and nourish with repetition and emotion will one day become a reality "

-Earl Nightingale


You are visiting this page because you want a powerful way to access your subconscious. Welcome! You are in the right place.


A person can gain tremendous confidence, reduce anxiety, increase focus and concentration, lower stress and promote creativity by meditating. But when you listen to a subliminal track with a binaural beat background you might find you are well on the way to success and happiness.

One of the things you will love with these tracks is that you record your own voice. This means your experience is not only tailored but also much more powerful.

As you consider the benefits of subliminal tracks combined with binaural beats, you might like to think of what you will be able to achieve when you tap into your unconscious. Imagine the confidence, imagine the new relationships or career opportunities you will experience once you rewire your brain.

Even if you have no previous experience of meditation or subliminal experience, you are in the right place because we are providing you with everything you need to create a powerful tailored experience.

Imagine how good you'll feel when you can achieve your goals.

Why is it So Powerful?
The science behind affirmations.

The efficiency of positive affirmations is based on the widely accepted and well-established psychological theory of self-affirmation (Steele, 1988). That theory suggests that we see ourselves as good and moral, and that we are driven to protect that image. So when our self-integrity is threatened, positive affirmations act as a defense against the threat.

But we often tell ourselves these affirmations during waking states, meaning that the conscious mind can sometimes block the message from reaching our subconscious.

The power of your own voice.

It is possible to listen to hypnotic messages recorded by someone else with good results. However your own voice is a lot more powerful as it links directly the affirmation to you. Which is why the tracks we create use your own voice.

When you receive affirmations in your own tone of voice, you process those affirmations as trusted facts much faster than if you were to use subliminals created by someone else. Not only that but using your own voice means that you can get very specific. The specificity makes the message even stronger and aligned with your own dreams and goals. And when that message is subliminal, it doesn't get much more powerful than that.

No obstacles  with subliminals.

One of the easiest ways to reprogram your subconscious is by using subliminal audios. The positive affirmations are played at a subaudible level (just below your hearing level). This means that people who don't like the sound of their own voice can still get the benefits of the self-affirmations, without the disagreement. It also means that the messages are able to convey suggestions without being detected by the conscious mind while in a waking state. Now imagine doing that but in a meditative state, thanks to binaural beats.

A meditative state with binaural beats

A binaural beat has two sounds with different frequencies, one in each ear. They help the brain create the same waves experience as during a meditation session, but much more quickly. 

We use theta patterns which improve meditation, creativity, and sleep in the rapid eye movement (REM) phase. This means that when you listen to the track there is the least resistance from your conscious mind. So when you use the track, whether during a meditation or while sleeping, the messages get the most direct path to your subconscious.


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Within 48h, receive your very own 20 mins subliminal track to start listening to and rewiring your brain.

How  Does it Work?
What Do You Get?
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Receive our scripts for health, wealth, career, relationships, self-confidence and more. We have crafted our affirmations to give you powerful suggestions that will create deep change.


Personalised Track

Make it as specific as you want, rather than listening to generic affirmations. Pick and choose only what resonates with you. Cut, swap and change and then record it in your own voice.

Brain change

Powerful Recording

All our tracks are 20 mins theta binaural beats. This means that they will get you to a meditative state quickly, and by-pass your conscious mind. With the sound of your own voice, it is a powerful tool.