The Butterfly Effect

Where small actions create massive effects. Solutions for mindful businesses

Quality Mind programs follow a proven system that transforms participants’ lives for the better by improving their awareness of self, giving them the tools to manage their thoughts and emotions and the guidance to handle pressure.

Quality Mind can help people suffering anxiety or depression, and individuals who wish to overcome personal or relationship challenges and better respond to their environment.


Many people – both young and old – struggle to cope with mounting societal pressure. Quality Mind can arm them with the tools necessary to alleviate stress and anxiety.

The program also enables them to reconnect with their purpose, feel aligned and balanced in their life.

If you are part of these forward-thinking companies in the forefront of employees well-being, then this program will help your employees feel mentally stronger and healthier, boosting their well-being and performances.


Listen to this intimate testimonial from Eibhlin about how the program has helped her bring more awareness, objectivity and calmness in her life.

How Will this Program Transform YOUR Business and Employees' Lives?

Quality Mind challenges traditional psychology. It's a program developed from ancient philosophies, distilled neuroscience and positive psychology that enables individuals to reprogram their mind.


Improved Focus

Mindfulness trains the mind to focus. The more the mind is trained in focusing, the fewer distractions get in the way of a productive day. 


Increased Empathy

Mindfulness teaches emotional intelligence. When people understand each other better, communication and team work have a platform to thrive.

brain-2062057_1920 (1).jpg

More Creativity and Innovation

Mindfulness enables you to access your creative brain and to think more innovatively. This boosts your ability to look at things around you with a new lens.


More Resilience

The ability to recover quickly from setbacks, and manage pressure consistently, is a key factor to engaging and confident leadership.


Reduce Emotional Reactions

High amounts of pressure can lead to emotional behaviours. However being able to make rational decisions lead to better solutions and fewer conflicts.


Reduce Stress & Anxiety

The regular practice  of mindfulness reduces the effects of stress, leading to less absenteeism and increased happiness. 

The Butterfly Effect is a Powerful Way to Provide Your Staff With Coaching & Development Programs.

Many studies show that practicing mindfulness reduces stress. Stress is a major cause of employee disengagement that also impacts productivity. We know that people get up in the morning wanting to do a great job, but when they are busy trying to sort their lives out, they can't focus on work.
Here are some of the benefits your employees will experience depending on the solution you choose:
Mindfulness lessons.
Live sessions to learn new tools, deepen their understanding and advance their mindfulness practice.
Mobile Application.
Designed to keep them on the road to success, hold them accountable and help them change their mindset habits.
Latest Content.
Through the workshops, and the programs, we share the most advance mindfulness information.
Coaching calls.
During our sessions, they also get one-on-one support by a trained Mind Mentor™ to fast track their results.
A Proven System
100s of participants worldwide have already experienced the incredible transformation from the program.
24/7 Support.
Whether through the community, your Mind Mentor™ or the self-coaching questions in the app.

Martin Dench

I was a chronic over-thinker and got stressed pretty quickly and in the past that could last 4-5 days. Now I have the tools to deal with it and get on with life. My interactions with my staff have been far more genuine and I think when you have that, people are on your team.


Alexandra Wennerholm

The Quality Mind journey has really helped me reduce stress during challenging situations and kept me focused on my goals.

Every time I felt stressed, anxious or worried, I turned to the app and it helped me to change my state of mind and snap out of it.


Joe Portolesi

This program has absolutely changed my life. I'm now living with so much more energy. My personal and business life has absolutely improved and I'm able to deal with the so called noise in the background which used to sometimes bring me down.

Results You Can Expect

The consistent results participants are experiencing mean that you can be confident about the level of success you will achieve.


Identify and remove unresourceful habits.

Professional Young Woman

Increase confidence


Improve health


Build more satisfying relationships


Respond efficiently to pressure.


Optimize energy and motivation.

Unleash The Butterfly Effect

Help your employees develop their mindfulness skills and reach new levels of success.

3 Solutions


Introduction to Mindfulness
Leadership and Team Building
Stress Management
Performance and Productivity


Self-paced programs with live Q&A sessions for unlimited participants. Full access to the Quality Mind app and community.
  • 4 weeks

  • 10 weeks

  • 20 weeks


A 10 week live online program with between 6 and 15 participants. Full access to the Quality Mind app and our Quality Mind community, including bespoke support and coaching through  the app and on live webinars.